Remote Calibration Module

GTWlabs offers an innovative re-calibration solution for CiDRA SONARtrac flow meters. A full flow meter recalibration is possible without removal of the meter from the pipe. It is possible for the recalibration to be certified to ISO 17025 and/or 10 CFR 50 Appendix B. This new recalibration solution saves time & money for future periodic calibrations following an initial laboratory calibration through the use of our proprietary Remote Recalibration Module.

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RCM image
RCM image
RCM image
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Key Features

  • The module is used to record and store data during the flow meter’s initial laboratory calibration.
  • Recorded data is later injected back into the SONARtrac for future periodic calibrations.
  • These recalibrations can be performed quickly without removing the SONARtrac from service.
  • It eliminates downtimes and recalibration costs associated with removal, sending flow meters to calibration labs and subsequent reinstallation.
  • This solution does not require modifications to your existing or new SONARtrac.
  • The RCM may be ordered to be permanently installed with the SONARtrac or only attached during recalibration.
  • The initial calibration data may be stored in a storage media (USB Stick or SDcards), network location or in the cloud.
  • Recalibration can be performed at the installation site or remotely from a centralized cloud location.