Digital Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

The Model 1708 digital humidity & temperature transmitters are compact & low energy consumption IC temperature sensors with digital output. The Model 1708s can also be used as stand-alone digital humidity & temperature sensors for various applications.

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1708 image
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Key Features

Temperature & Humidity Measurement

  • Digital output
  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.1°F
  • Humidity Accuracy ±1.5% RH


  • RS-485
  • Use with 1702 Core Module
  • USB (RS-485 adapter)


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy screw on (optional)
  • 4-wire connection

Typical Specifications

Physical Dimensions

1/4” Probe OD. Probe length as per customer requirements.
Optional 7/16“-14 UNC Threaded housing to use with 1704 & 1705
4-wire connection

Compatible Hardware

1702 Core Module
1703 Gateway Module
1704 Temperature Plate
1705 Balanced Flow Meter Plate
Other Data Acquisition Devices

Range & Accuracy

41°F to 203°F (±0.1°F)
Humidity 0% to 100% (±1.5% RH)


Data Acquisition: User configurable acquisition with RTC support
Monitoring/Configuring: Local/remote web-based real-time monitoring w/ additional hardware


Requirement: 5V
Consumption: Max 2mA


Network Connectivity: RS-485 Multi-drop Bus or Data publish to cloudvia combination of 1702 and 1703
Platform Compatibility: GTWs Hx Monitoring System, Predix IO, or any custom cloud service


RS-485 (ASCII)
USB (RS-485 adapter)

Other Sensors and Data Acquisition


12 Channel Temperature Module

The Model 1701 12-ch 10k temperature module is designed as a data acquisition tool for 10k NTC thermistors that can be characterized by the Steinhart-Hart equation.
1701 - 12 Channel Temperature Module


Core Module

The Model 1702 is designed to be a highly adaptable data acquisition tool enabling collection, storage and transmission of time stamped data from varying sources and protocols.
1702 - Core Module



The Model 1703 Gateway Module is designed to interface other 1700 series devices to the cloud or as a self-hosted IoT server under plant LAN/local network.
1703 - Gateway


Temperature Plate

The Model 1704 is an integrated temperature measurement plate. It can easily be installed in existing flanges and utilizes one or multiple temperature probes to accurately measure process temperature.
1704 - Temperature Plate


Balanced Flowmeter Plate

The Model 1705 is a multi-hole orifice plate flow meter with integrated temperature measurement. It offers high accuracy flow measurement with negligible permanent pressure loss.
1705 - Balanced Flowmeter Plate


10KΩ-Thermistor Temperature Sensor

The Model 1706 10KΩ-Thermistor Temperature Sensor probes utilize highly accurate, oven-baked glass bead thermistors which have excellent documented long-term stability.
1706 - 10KΩ-Thermistor Temperature Sensor


Digital Temperature Transmitter

The Model 1707 digital temperature tramsmitters are compact highly accurate low energy consumption IC temperature sensors with an RS-485 communication port. The Model 1707s can be used as stand-alone digital temperature sensors for various applications or as components in monitoring system.
1707 - Digital Temperature Transmitter